Tabeby online

About us

Tabeby Online is the first medical platform serves as a connecting link that connect between clinics, patients, pharmacies, and laboratories through the various applications and solutions,

as well as it seeks to provide the best health care through the internet and improve the general healthy environment.

Tabeby Online was launched on 2018 through forming an integrated medical network to provide the best services in the field of modern medical care in Egypt.

Tabeby Online helps in making communication between patients and physicians easily and simply, as well as it helps physicians in organizing the appointment and managing

the medical files in all specialties.

Our target is enriching all the sides of medical process professionally to become more effective and easier, starting from reservation to organizing the clinics management and provision of medicines.

Tabeby Online Company seeks to the electronic healthcare leadership and exerts all efforts to be good at all sides of healthcare industry while continuing

to provide solutions and applications that make a positive difference in the lives of everyone.

Our Services:

  1. Managing the clinics effectively and easily.
  2. Arranging the appointments and accounts for the physicians.
  3. The ease of booking for the patient with easy to change or postpone it  
  4. Providing E-Roshetta’s service for pharmacies and laboratories.