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- One-time setup for automated sharing records with patients

- Save paper, save ink, save money

Manage your patients profile

- Specific medical file according to doctor's speciality

- Managing patient sessions with a click

Reduce No Shows


E-Roshetta and its benefits

- Give your patient their medicines with a click

- Send any roshetta directly to any pharmacy

Appointment Booking according to doctor availability

- Patient can book an appointment with doctor through the app or website and edit it easily

- Any booked appointment will have a confirmation detailed message


Get more enhancement for your clinic

Allow patients to save times and book online appointment

Patients prefer to follow up their medical file in each speciality easily

you will receive questions from your patients and your reply will enhance your online presence.

All your financial records are in one place and simply discussed

Smart Clinic

Automated Appointment Booking

Patients can be able to book an appointment without any effort

Available 24 hours

we never miss a patient we ara available all the day

Superior Call Experience

Call agents can book appointment or session, receive a call, add patient and assign patient to a doctor

100% Quality Monitoring

All your employees actions are guaranteed as it can be shown specifically in Reports

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  • Featured marketing for your clinic.
  • Adjust your time for more patients.
  • A comprehensive medical file for each patient according to doctor’s specialty.
  • Easy booking with easy session’s control.
  • Manage more than one specialty at clinic.
  • Manage expenses, salaries and doctors' accounts.
  • Daily and monthly reports of accounts.