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For the first time in Egypt, an online reservation system linked with the clinic management program is added so that the appointment is booked according to the appointments available to each doctor within each branch.
 The appointment department is professionally designed to provide reservation service in an unprecedented way before, so that it is suitable for specialized clinics or hospitals or for several branches so that it is easy for reception staff and doctors to book and display reservations easily, simple and with high accuracy, and many other features, including:

1 - The possibility of booking through the website of my doctor
2 - The possibility of booking through the mobile app for patients
3 - Intelligent system to book appointments according to each specialty for each branch.
4- Providing online reservation service through a mobile application or Doctor Online website.
5 - The appointment is reserved according to the appointments available to the doctor within a specific branch to avoid a repeat appointment.
6- A weekly schedule showing the appointments available to each doctor within each branch.
7 - The possibility to change or cancel the appointment by the patient through the application or the site easily.
8 - Easy control in determining the detection time value for each branch or doctor within the branch.
9 - Record reception notes on each statement for reference at any time.
10 - Data display and reservation method with ease of making a discount according to the validity of the user.
11 - A special screen for the doctor to follow up on his reservations, whether from the program or the mobile application.
12 - Easily determine the doctor's leave so that no reservation occurs at the same time.
13 - The doctor has the option to choose two or more detection periods throughout the day

Customer Services

An easy-to-use interface that enables call center and reception staff to:
1 - Record all customer data.
2 - Record all notes and inquiries for each patient separately.
3 - Assigning some clients to a specific employee and following up his performance.
4 - The ability to search in clients
5 - A complete record of all customer calls
6 - Allows the addition of activities carried out while contacting the customer
7 - For the first time a special application that records all calls with every employee and records them on the application for reference at any time with the ability to evaluate each call.

A special section for customer service reports: -
 1 - User activities: You can follow all activities that have been done
2 - Call cases: - It allows follow-up of the activities of customer service employees with the customer during the call to the customer
3- Callback: Provides the status information that the customer had to call
4 - Calls: Calls made by customer service employees are recorded here with the ability to listen to and evaluate them

Patient File Managment


The patient files management department is designed in an easy and simple way so that every doctor can search among thousands of patients with accuracy and high speed, with the possibility of entering the patient's names and data accurately. Patient data and accounts, as well as doctors' specialization files so that the doctor or receptionist can write or view notes or book appointments, sessions or operations, and we offer these features as follows:

1 - Display all the patient's personal and vital data, with the possibility of modification thereof.

2 - View the patient's accounts and the remainder with ease of making and printing a payment order.

3 - The ability to transfer funds from one customer to another, according to the validity of the user.

4 - The possibility of referring the customer to another doctor outside the clinic in case of dealing with other clinics.

5- Printing an account statement for each patient for a specific period.

6 - Accurately record doctors' notes with the ability to display it easily in addition to disease files in various specialties

7 - Writing prescriptions and sending them to the pharmacy easily.

8 - Upload photos and medical reports in one place and display them easily.

10 - Record and display medical history and previous operations.

11 - Create and display all appointments, sessions and processes according to each specialty, details and printing them.

12 - A file for each specialty that helps the doctor diagnose, record, save and refer to medical data and notes at any time.


The sessions department is one of the issues that bother any doctor due to the difficulty of organizing patients' schedules and scheduling their sessions and determining the quality of each session and the device or technology used and the location of the sessions work as well as calculating the percentage of doctors on each session and making sure of the session work and also calculating the cost of each session separately, we have taken into account each These are matters that concern every doctor who needs the presence of the Sessions Department within the clinic, as it has been divided into two parts. The following clarify the functions and features of each department:

- * - Public Sessions Department (for reception or customer service employees)
1 - Establishing rooms for the sessions and determining their working hours according to each specialty and every branch.
2 - Create session names by specialization and determine the session working time and the value of each session.
3 - A screen displaying all sessions according to each specialty, every branch and every session room.
4 - Display all customer data and type of each session with the start and end time of each session.
5 - Not to reserve more than one session at the same time in the same room.
6- Knowing the schedule of appointments for each session and the available times.
7 - The ability to control the management of the sessions section from a distance.
8 - Automatically deducting the value of the used sessions from each patient's account.
9 - Show the amounts due to be paid to the clinic before entering the session.
10 - The ability to make a discount for a specific session, depending on the validity of the user.
11 - Define the session working area in two dimensions.
12 - The ability to upload photos before and after each session and keep them in the patient's file.

- * - Sessions Department for Doctors
1 - Sessions display screen according to each major and every branch.
2 - Display the type, time and duration of each session and the region for which the session is intended.
3 - The ability to record notes for each session for reference at any time
4 - Ease of making sure of the session and by any doctor.
5- Calculating the percentage of each doctor for each session.
6 - Easily add all the consumables to each session.


Provides all reports to help you better manage the clinic:

1- User records :-( Patient data- Customer data -Login) Through which all the movements of all employees can be followed and knowledge of what was seen by a specific user and knowledge of what he did in the clinic
2- Patients: - This report explains everything the patient has done in the clinic - returns / payments / deduction / complaint / appointments / sessions
3- Appointments: - This report shows the appointments that were booked in the clinic by a specific person or any other person
4- Sessions: - This report explains the sessions that were booked in the clinic by a specific person or any other person and this session took place.
5- The user: - This report clarifies the patient’s accounts at the moment of completing the appointment or session by the user in the clinic, as the patient’s account appears.
6- Deleted: - This report explains the things that were deleted for the patient and who removed them.
7- Doctor: - This report explains what the doctor has done in the clinic, including appointments or sessions
8- E-rochta: - This report explains everything that has been written by doctors for patients, whether analyzes or prescriptions.
9- Stocks: - This report helps to know what was spent from the branch store and to any customer at any time and who has spent this product
10- Surgeries: - This report explains the surgeries performed by patients upon the recommendation of the doctor in the clinic


Here you can control all of your clinics :

Branches: - From them, you can add two branches in the clinic, as it supports the multiplicity of branches and the multiplicity of doctors in each branch
The main doctors: - In which the doctor’s specialty appointments are modified in the clinic, and the available dates are in the specialty
Clinic rooms: These are the rooms in which sessions are held, where a room must be added to the session and added to its dates
Main inventory: It is the one in which all new stocks and purchases are deposited and then distributed from it to the other branches
Sessions: It is the set of sessions available in the clinic, through which new sessions can be added
Packages: - A set of sessions at a specific price
Offers:  It is a set of presentations that the doctor performs
Employees: - It contains a group of :
             Employees roles: It is the set of powers that can be given to a specific patient
             Employees: - It is the department responsible for adding employees inside the clinic and giving them the necessary powers
Surgery: - It contains :
             Technology used: - It is possible to add new technology
             Hospitals: - Through which a new hospital can be added.
Surgeries: - It is possible to add new surgeries
Expenses: - A set of expenses can be added at the clinic


It is an innovative and smart tool designed to help doctors spread medical information to others and educate patients,
It is also a good way to market to a doctor.

How this technique works:
1 - The doctor writes a specific topic and sends it to us.
2 - We display the article on the doctor’s website on the internet under the name of the doctor so that the patient has the opportunity to communicate with the doctor in any inquiry, and also all articles added by the doctor appear on the doctor’s page under the list of articles.
3 - If the reader wants to communicate with the doctor, he can click on the call or reservation icon directly on his page.


It is a free service provided by Tabeby Online to help people who are unable to go to the doctor at any time, and this service is provided with the help of all doctors located on my doctor's website.

How it works:

1 - Anyone can use this service through the patient application or Tabeby Online website.
2 - The major to choose to inquire about and write down the problem and add the necessary data to help the doctor diagnose and then send it.
3 - The patient can receive the doctors' response to a question, the possibility of commenting, and the doctor's conversation for free.
4 - This is also a good way to help doctors spread awareness among people and increase the spread of the doctor's name among patients.
5 - Any patient can book with any doctor who answered the consultation easily.
6 - All questions and their answers will appear on the doctor's profile on my doctor's website so that they can be a reference for others.


It includes a set of reports through which it is possible to know the movement of patient accounts and the size of the evolution of each branch separately and calculate the ratio of each doctor to statements or sessions and we will show in detail each report and its usefulness
As follows   :

  •  Customer payments: All payments of a particular customer or clients as a whole are shown by branch or specialty and at a specific time
  •  Patient accounts: is displayed by displaying all the account of a specific customer or clients for a specific period that includes all customer purchases and the amounts paid and the remaining
  • commission doctors: This report shows all doctors, the number of examinations that have been completed, the number of sessions executed by each doctor separately, and the ratio of each doctor to them is calculated according to the predetermined percentage of the settings.
  • Recommended Sessions: This report is unique in accordance with the number of sessions that are recommended by a specific doctor after the examination is calculated and the percentage of the doctor on it is calculated if it is added in the settings for this doctor.
  • Daily income: This report was made to calculate all daily revenues or expenses and to clarify the quality and method of revenue for each branch.
  • Revenue: Shows the total revenue for each branch according to a specific time period.
  • Sales of specialties : - Shows the total sales of sessions or appointments in a specific period for a specific specialty for each branch, indicating the number of users.
  •  Refund: - Shows all what the customer has done to retrieve a certain amount from his account in the clinic, along with the name of the user who made this retrieval order.
  • Expenses: - Display all the expenditures that were spent within each branch separately.


It is one of the important lists if you have a store or a small pharmacy inside the clinic, as it helps you to register all items and medicines and the user account from it.

main stock : which is the addition of all items in the branches through it, and it is the one who distributes to the rest of the stores the following: -
Branch orders: It contains the requests that are requested by a specific branch of the main branch and the possibility of modifying the quantities of these items
Branch stock: - It reflects what is inside a specific branch in the clinic and the quantities in each class inside the clinic.


This section is selected :

1-The surgery performed by the patient
2-The technology that will perform this surgery
3-The place where this process will be done
4-The parts of the body in which the operation will take place are chosen
5-There is also a report that helps to monitor all the operations created by the clinic for the patient and their condition

E- Roshetta


We have neatly designed the E-Roshetta to simplify the procedures of how to register and request the appropriate medicines from the nearest pharmacy to the patient or the doctor.

E- Roshetta is a smart, developed system, especially designed for “Tabeby Online” to help the doctor picking up the most appropriate treatment from more over thousands medicines. Once you have chosen a medicine, it will appear in the patient file on your mobile application.

1 - The patient is allowed to buy the medicine from the nearest pharmacy contracted to Tabeby Online.

2 - Through E- Roshetta, Tabeby Online helps you to market the other products within each pharmacy.

3 - E- Roshetta works with a smart system that alerts the patient to the times of taking the medicine throughout the day via mobile alerts including the dose determination and the number of times and days.

4 - You find a registration for all the previous prescriptions (Roshetta) in the medical file of each patient.

5 - E- Roshetta allows the doctor to make and save more than one specific template to the prescription “Roshetta” with a modification possibility at any time.

6 - It allows the doctor to know how many medications are written daily or monthly.

7 - In case of getting points on any type of medicines, all recorded points are counted depending on all written medicines by each doctor.

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Online marketing for doctors. Online marketing for doctors.
Smart App for patients. Smart App for patients.
Adjust your time for more patients. Adjust your time for more patients.
E-roshetta and its features. E-roshetta and its features.
Customer care service. Customer care service.
Qualified support team. Qualified support team.
Easy follow up with patients. Easy follow up with patients.
Unlimited users and branches. Unlimited users and branches.

Smart Clinic Specialities

Tabeby online features

  • Featured marketing for your name, photographing (photos & videos) your clinic.
  • Manage your time for more patients with the On line booking service.
  • Keep track to all your appointments in full control and management on your sessions.
  • Easily book sessions for the patients and have a full control on managing your sessions
  • A comprehensive medical file for each patient according to doctor’s specialty.
  • Electronic Rosheta (E-Rosheta) that can be easily sent to the pharmacies, to the labs and to the patient.
  • Keep all the X-Ray imaging and medical analysis for each patient in his own file
  • Online consultation to help any patient
  • The ability to make a live video chat with all your patient from any place
  • Manage multiple branches and more than one speciality in each branch easily.
  • Manage expenses and monthly salaries in each branch individually.
  • Daily and monthly reports of your patient and doctors accounts.