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23530 Patient

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Our priority is to keep your data safe

  • Multi-checks for security levels
  • Multi-backups for data
  • strict data privacy policies

Doctor’s software data doesn't merge with consumer's data

Tabebyonline Platform uses a separate infrastructure, protected by a high level of safety and a strict privacy policy, to ensure that healthcare providers' data is maintained and separated from users' data.

For Healthcare providers

  • We do not have access to read or view your practice data
  • We never send marketing promotions to your walk-in patients
  • No Tabeby online employee can view it
  • we never shared your data with a third party
  • Doctors' promotions send automatically to their patients
  • Doctors can't see each other’s data

For Customers

  • All your data is private and only for you
  • No Tabeby online employee can view the patient data
  • We only send appointment-related messages
  • Doctors send promotional messages with an option to opt-out any time
  • Data is never shared with a third party
Send no offer

We never send promotions to your walk-ins patients

  • According to our privacy policy, we never communicate with your walk-in patients or send them any promotional offers The only way for any patient to receive any promotion from us is if they visit our website or download our app and give us permission to contact them .

Own your data

The Only Owner of your data is You

  • Only you have the control over your data. Neither Tabeby online employees nor any third-party can access your information for any purpose except as authorized by you.